SEPHORA COLLECTION Medium Brown Набор для бровей №02


SEPHORA COLLECTION Medium Brown Набор для бровей №02

1010.00 РУБ

Прекрасный компактный набор для создания идеальных бровей.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Medium Brown Набор для бровей №02 Sephora: Kosmetik & Pflege online bei Galeria Kaufhof

Palette Make-Up Borsetta - Medium SEPHORA COLLECTION • La famosa borsetta Sephora si trasforma in 3 palette super tendenza in 3 diversi formati! Con i suoi 36 ombretti, le sue 12 tonalità di gloss e i suoi 6 blush, la versione Sephora Collection – die Hausmarke der Trend-Parfümerie Die exklusive Hausmarke der Kult-Parfümerie trägt den Namen Sephora Collection und umfasst eine Vielzahl zeitloser Beauty-Klassiker in modernen und trendigen Farben und Ausführungen. [GIANT VERIFICATION ALBUM](https://imgur.com/a/SZ1zwMr) Hello! I finally sucked it up and sorted through my giant bin of declutter. Come at me. I'm generally pretty rock-bottom with my prices to begin with, but will entertain haggling if you're buying multiple items. Home has cats but is smoke-free. All items are as shown; defects/damage is described. Everything was purchased or received within the last year. Shipping is , free if you spend +. I accept Paypal or Venmo - G&S is on yo..

**the rules-** * Shipping starts at and will ***increase according to weight***. **I am currently only shipping to the US.** * I wIll honor time stamps, however if you do not respond within 4 hours, I will move to the NIL. * Paypal f&amp;f is preferred, however g&amp;s is accepted at ***buyers expense***. * No Minimun!! * If there is a ~~strikethrough~~ that means the item is **SOLD!** # I'm VERY motivated to move things out. Willing to bundle esp. if you'll be purchasing multiple items! &.. I feel pink is really having its moment and something about palettes themed around pink makes them so pretty to look at for me. I just want to babble my thoughts on some. [ColourPop Ooh La La](https://colourpop.com/products/ooh-la-la)**:** I've been so tempted to pick up this palette and if they have another good 20% I might just finally cave. Only thing is that 4/9 of the shades aren't even really pink. I might get singles instead but I do prefer a smaller pan size especially since I don't use.. Sephora Collection Medium Shopping Bag Makeup Palette Review The black is very strongly pigmented and my favourites are the brown and nude ones. They Buy Medium Shopping Bag Makeup Palette from Sephora Collection here. What it is: A makeup palette containing a versatile collection of colours. <p.. Hello &amp; welcome to my enormous destashing sale! I recently came to the conclusion that I have a makeup hoarding problem &amp; I need to get rid of a huge chunk of my collection. Time to narrow it down to the tried and true products! I'll never use all of these products in my lifetime (or they just weren't a good fit for me), so I'd rather them all go to a good home where they will be shown some love ♥︎ \---------- ➤ **GENERAL INFO:** * If you would like to see additional pictures, please.. Hello all you Party Animals out there! &amp;#x200B; Hot Diggity, we're on Megathread 22!! &amp;#x200B; * If you have an update, please tag me using /u/adventuringpendulum * Please read [our rules](https://www.reddit.com/r/BeautyGuruChatter/wiki/rules) before posting. * Posts that violate the rules will be removed without notice. # Friendly reminder that speculating on an individual's mental health is not allowed. # BE CRITICAL OF WHAT YOU READ. Fake news is real and easy to fall for. We.. SEPHORA COLLECTION Medium Brown Набор для бровей №02

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