Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder Пудра для бровей 1 - Светлый


Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder Пудра для бровей 1 - Светлый

1950.00 РУБ

а повторяющая форму брови палетка подскажет, - 93% отметили, как правильно наносить средство.. Ее мягкая бархатистая формула мгновенно сливается с волосками и заполняет пустые участки, неровных контуров и, что средство легко наносится** *По результатам опроса 101 женщин после 1 недели использования..Воспользуйтесь пудрой для бровей Fool Proof Brow Powder для создания мягкого и натурального макияжа бровей! Придай бровям естественный объем с помощью пудры для бровей foolproof. Светлый и темный оттенки пудры помогут воссоздать натуральный переход цвета, превращая редкие брови в густые. никаких ошибок! - Создает естественный макияж бровей - Регулируемая плотность нанесения - Спонж-аппликатор и кисточка-щеточка в комплекте - Стойкость до 12 часов* - Объем: 2 г. **По результатам тестирования с участием 20 женщин.. Больше никаких резких переходов

Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder Пудра для бровей 1 - Светлый ALL Athiest Go To Heaven

Hi! I prefer swaps, but I do accept purchases (paypal only) as long as they are by **lot**. This is firm, sorry! I will list prices for lots at the end of their lists, and if the lots dwindle in size I will make prices more generous. All items are used unless otherwise stated. It’s hard for me to give estimates on how many times they’ve been used, but all I can say is that they are in a condition more than well enough for me to sell. I can provide closer, more detailed pictures if asked. I ha.. * **Shipping starts at.50 and will increase based on weight or additional items. Shipping in the US only** * **Paypal only, please. Paypal F&F option is preferred, but if you cover the fees we can do G&S** * **I will honor time stamps** * **All items will be cleaned to the best of my ability! I will leave sanitizing to you** * **Over purchase - please pick out a 0-3 item for free! :)** * **Items with a ~~strikethrough~~ have been sold (I will try to keep this as updated as pos.. 1st chapter of a story I wrote in 2015 while in the hospital. Suddenly weightless, I freely inhale. A moment ago my own hands were foreign articles stretching toward the shimmering surface. Equally foreign, the leisurely manner in which my fingers passed through space and time before my own eyes. Having undergone near death experiences in the past, the warped perception of time and vivid sensory flood of the previous moments does not astonish me, as if for the first time. However, I am not lef..

Hi! I take **paypal** and ship from California. I am **only selling within the US**. All items used unless otherwise noted! It’s hard to estimate times I’ve used products, but if you ask for condition I will do my best to describe that. Please give these pretty items a new home. **Shipping is flat** to anywhere in the US. [Verification](https://imgur.com/a/bbo4b8q) **Asian Beauty** ~~Tony Moly Cheektone P07 ~~ -Clio Apple Cheeks each > ~~03 (mellow orange)~~ > 02 (baby pink).. 1. [Supergoop Daily Correct CC Cream deposits juuust the right amount of tint to make you look like you care when you really don't (and it even has SPF, so go ahead and give yourself a lazy pat on the back).](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BXKET7Q) 2. [Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner doesn't just stay all day - it ~slays~ all day, resisting every ounce of humidity and water so your wing is always looking as fresh as the rest of you.](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0031NNE56) 3. [Wet n Wild Mega.. **DETAILS :)** * Minimum purchase of via PayPal F&F (will do G&S if you pay the fee) * Flat rate domestic shipping of via USPS within the U.S. * Items are shipped out within 24-48 hours of receiving payment * Items are held for 4 hours before they are given to next-in-line ​ **LIPSTICK & GLOSSES** [Verification Album](https://imgur.com/a/EeAItjq?fbclid=IwAR14UJF270GKHWawdpu1kUJRVPtOojbTpTIBvpdlbMU82p70sjcro-YOxtQ) 1. **Stila** Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (Nott.. Foolproof brow powder - das innovative Brauenpuder von Benefit für natürliche volle Augenbrauen! Das foolproof brow powder greift den leichten Farbverlauf natürlicher Brauen auf und spiegelt ihn durch die Hell-nach-dunkel-Schattierung des Puders wieder. foolproof brow powder haftet sofort an Haut & Härchen, hält 12 Stunden* und macht aus spärlichen volle Augenbrauen. Finde sofortige Beautylösungen auf der Benefit Website. Primarily looking to swap, but if you'd like to make an offer, I'm not opposed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ paypal/venmo is fine, F+F preferred or we can do G+S if you cover fees. Shipping is [US only] and items will be sanitized with a spritz of alcohol if possible. My wishlist [for swaps only, not looking to purchase atm] is at the bottom but don't hesitate to drop your swap list in the comments as well, ya never know! I will honor all requests by timestamp. *JUST ADDED!* * Peter Thomas Roth max complexio.. Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder Пудра для бровей 1 - Светлый

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